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1983 Picotronics established
1984 First production of handfree speakerphone in Hong Kong
1986 Awarded BABT (British Approvals Board for Telecommunications) factory approval in HK
1987 Relocated manufacture of telephones to Shenzhen City for USA market
1988 Started planning of new factory site outside Shenzhen City in Fu Yang
1988 Started construction of phase 1 factory building in Fu Yang
1989 Moved production from Hong Kong to Fu Yang
1989 Awarded BABT (British Approvals Board for Telecommunications) factory approval in Fu Yang
1992 Started construction of phase 2 factory building in 1992 and completed in 1993
1993 construction of phase 2 factory building completed
1996 Awarded ISO9001 
1996 Started construction of Phase 3 factory build in 1996 and competed in 1997
1997 construction of phase 3 factory building completed
1998 Awarded UL approval for Shenzhen factory
2000 Awarded ISO14001
2003 Awarded the BEAB factory approval
2010 Awarded OHSAS18001
2011 Started planning the Taishan factory
2013 Started building of phase 1 factory building
2014 Targeting to complete phase 1 factory building in early 2015
2015 Targeting to start internal decoration and facility construction for phase 1 building within the year


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